By hosting the largest collection of Grey Literature in the world, we have created a two-way, barrier free research system that will help improve and save lives.



Aid in your decision making and keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Review and apply cutting edge research months or years earlier than previously possible.


Post your research allowing for peer feedback and usage. Our analytics show that your research has been mobilized and is making an impact. 


Connect and collaborate with a global list of profiled, vetted, peers from across the globe. 

How it works

Everyday about 52 million dollars is spent on R&D in the science, technology and medical industries. Only about 10% of these research projects ever get published. So what happens to the other 90%? It gets filed in an unorganized, underground world called grey literature, where it’s nearly impossible to find consistently. This means the results from approximately 18 billion dollars spent annually on R&D is not easily accessible to decisions makers.

GreyLit, is the solution to this problem. We offer a modern peer review process for grey literature by storing, sharing, and disseminating unpublished, non-peer reviewed research. For $49/month, our simple web-based platform allows users to search, share and peer review grey literature from around the world. This reduces the time researchers and industry leaders spend searching for answers.

GreyLit is a Software as a Service Platform that delivers true peer reviewed "as of released" academic literature and research to a global audience. Our multi-faceted GreyLit platform works seamlessly for both the authors of content and researchers to access millions of bodies of academic work previously unavailable to the general public.

Specifically GreyLit is the only service that offers, unlimited and instant global publication opportunities without format or content restrictions and provides you with analytics that will tell you who read it and what they thought of it.